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I love what I do! I'm available via phone, text, and email from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm 7 days per week!
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I'm a true partner! I absolutely love what I do and treat my clients like family! Being involved on any end of a real estate deal can come with a mixed bag of emotions. My highly experienced team and I have created a One-Stop-Shop in order to exceed your expectations and relieve some of the potential tension. We are your extra eyes, your ears, your support throughout this process. I will listen closely to what you say and what you may not be saying. I bring enthusiasm, fun, dedication, and aggressiveness to the negotiation table when needed. Bottom line...results you're looking for. A place to call HOME! You deserve nothing less than a smooth experience and exceptional service! Let's be successful together!
Mr. Bisconti assisted my wife and I in our first-time home search. From the very beginning he was a consummate professional, exhibiting ample knowledge of the area and necessary processes while displaying convincing negotiation tactics as well. However, one of the ways Mr. Bisconti stood out the  most from other realtors was the fact that he simply listened to us and our needs, wants, and desires, regardless of any personal opinions on taste and what was "realistic" in our price-range and market. He not only knows his business, but he knows how to treat people with respect and dignity, too. We would do business with him again in a heartbeat. Mr. Bisconti rises above it all to perform his duties honestly and thoroughly, and we thank him for his help.  

The Bower Family